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Pressfit Concealed metal boxes are GI boxes that are used to mount various electrical accessories such as foot lights, control panels, electrical switches etc. They are used in concealed cabling systems that are built directly into the wall. This makes the electrical wiring installations go invisible and gives your home a better look.

Their main function is to protect the enclosed wiring from moisture, heat, corrosion, etc. and to give them a long service life. These are available in different modules, dimensions, and sizes depending on the requirements of the application.

One Metal Concealed Boxes


Aample Knockouts

They come with an adequate number of knockouts to give you flexibility of omnidirectional use. They also offer single-punch insert for quick and easy installation.

Galvanized Metal Plates

Pressfit’s concealed boxes offer excellent protection against external influences and protect your wires and cables from moisture, heat, and physical damage. It increases the durability of your wiring devices and ensures a longer service life.

Sturdy Metal Structure

The sturdy locking structure allows them to gain high strength against external forces. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the metal concealed box.

Shock Protection

A metal back box for an electrical outlet would be classified as an exposed conductive part. Therefore, it is important to be grounded to avoid possible electrical shock. For this purpose, Pressfit Concealed Metal Boxes are equipped with earthing terminals to make work easier.


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