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A Start Capacitor is used to store and provide energy that can be used to generate the initial torque sufficient to start the engine. It is then removed using a centrifugal switch after a predetermined speed has been reached, which is normally 75% of full speed. After that, it works more efficiently with a run capacitor.

They generally have a higher capacitance than run capacitors, largely in the 30uF to 120uF range. The start capacitor provides an immediate electrical push to get the motor rotation started. Without a start capacitor when the voltage is applied, the motor would just hum.

For example, in an air conditioning system, a start capacitor is used to generate an initial starting torque. While a run capacitor is used to turn the fan motor to blow the condensed air created by the system.

Dry Type – Poly Propylene Can
Code MFD Range
977410 30 40-60
977420 45 60-80
977430 60 80-100
977440 72 100-120
977450 90 120-150
977460 105 150-200
977470 120 200-250


Low Power Loss

The insulation materials used in manufacturing have a low dissipation factor, making them ideal for reducing potential power losses during operation.

IP53 Class Protection

They are devised with IP53 protection, which denotes the protection grade against solid (5) and liquid (3). They are well-protected against the ingress of dust which does not affect performance. In the case of liquid, it eliminates the risk of damage caused by splashing water less than 60 ° from the vertical.

High Longevity

Zero loss of capacitance during the operations results in a high and uniform torque capacity over a long period of time. Our products stand for trust and quality due to their excellent past performance.

Uniform Efficiency

Pressfit’s Capacitors offer constant efficiency over a wide range of temperature, humidity, weather, etc. This makes them very tolerant of these deteriorating factors that can affect their performance.

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