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A Run Capacitor is used to store and provide continuous energy that can be used to energize the second phase winding of an AC motor. Unlike start capacitors, run capacitors are designed for continuous duty to keep the motor energized throughout running.

It is very important to choose the right run capacitor because, in the case of the wrong capacitor, the motor will have an uneven magnetic field. As a result, it will cause the motor to make noise, increase energy consumption, reduce performance and overheat.

For example, in an air conditioning system, a start capacitor is used to generate an initial starting torque. While a run capacitor is used to turn the fan motor to blow the condensed air created by the system.

Dry Type – Polypropylene Can
Dry Type – Polypropylene Can
Code MFD
977680 30
977690 36
977700 40
977710 45
977720 50
977730 60
977740 72
Dry Type – Polypropylene Can
Code MFD
977670 25
977690 36
977720 50
977730 60
977740 72


Low Power Loss

Dissipation factors refer to the inefficiency of insulating material in holding energy. With a lower dissipation factor, Pressfit Capacitors can save electricity by reducing the power loss. At the same time, this leads to high efficiency in power transmission.

High Longevity

Zero loss of capacitance during the operations results in a high and uniform torque over a long period. Our products stand for trust and quality due to their excellent past performance.

Ultra Compact Design

Our products are very reliable thanks to their leak-proof, compact design. They were developed to prevent any possible damage to the capacitors and to ensure longer service life.

High Insulation Resistance

High Insulation Resistance denotes the extent to which dielectric material will resist any possible leakage current when voltage is applied. The dielectric materials used in capacitors are not ideal insulators. A small direct current can “leak” through the dielectric material.

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