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AVP Economical FR Building Wires provide security and reliability to your home wiring at an affordable price. They are endowed with fire retardant properties that allow them to contain the spread of fire.

This property proves to be a lifesaver in the hour of a fire emergency. SFT1 building wires are manufactured using 99.97% pure electrolytic annealed copper which gives a conductivity of 101%, lower power loss, lesser chances of broken strains and better price-performance ratio.


Fire Retardant

Pressfit Economical FR Wire's fire retardant properties allow it to contain the spread of fire during an electrical emergency. This property proves to be a lifesaver in a widespread fire.


Rodents can be a nuisance; they rip out the wires and damage all power supplies. However, this is not the case with Pressfit Wires. They are equipped with Anti-Rodent properties to keep rodents away from the wires and give the wires a longer lifespan.

101% Conductivity

Our wires are made using electrolytic grade pure bare copper wire, which awards it high conductivity. This helps reduce power loss along the length of the cable and save money on electrical bills.

Superior Insulation

Pressfit Economical FR Wires are provided with excellent sheath insulation, which makes them durable and resistant to any chemical reactions, abrasion, wear & tear.

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