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Flood lights are a very special type of outdoor lighting. It is used to create an even and soft distribution of light over a larger area instead of a concentrated spotlight.

These lights are great for illuminating larger outdoor areas that require clearer lighting, such as parking lots, large driveways, or lanes set back from the street. Whether you’re building out your dream home or just want to give your family a fresh place to gather, outdoor flood lights are an easy way to add safety, efficiency, and style to any living space.

We offer these lights in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from. They are the perfect way to add warmth and character to your gatherings.


High Power Factor (>0.9)

Every luminaire consumes active and reactive power, which adds up as apparent power. Real power is the energy that is consumed while reactive power is wasted. The power factor (= active power / apparent power) provides information about energy efficiency, which is very helpful when choosing the right product.

Ceramic-Based LEDs

Ceramic-based LEDs use an alloy of lanthanum and aluminium to form an incredibly thin light-emitting film. This creates a more efficient, longer-lasting, brighter, and longer-lasting LED. They last up to 20 times longer than standard LEDs. With ceramic-based LEDs instead of plastic, our floodlights work for years without losing their luminosity!

Fibre Tray-Mounted Drivers

Fibre tray-mounted drivers work optimally even under tough conditions. They contact heat sinks directly and conduct heat much faster than cast aluminium. The direct mounting of the drivers on heat sinks enables excellent thermal management and extends the service life of the product by 3 years.

Greater Luminosity

Our lighting products have been developed with the latest thermal engineering techniques in order to operate the LEDs with maximum luminosity and to reduce power consumption. With a heat sink system and efficient LEDs, we reduce energy consumption and increase brightness.


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