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Latest and Updated Prices

Always have the latest prices for Pressfit products a click away on your phone/tablet.

Save Offline

All price lists are downloaded and stored on your device so that you can have access to them if you’re traveling in a region with poor connectivity or do not have mobile data access.


Users can upload and manage their business documents like quotations, LR copies, invoices, meeting notes, etc in the documents tab and organize them using labels. This feature makes these documents easily searchable for future reference.

Price Update Notifications

In case of any price updates, you will get an instant notification informing you of the price update.

Contact Us by App Itself

By clicking on "More", you will find the "Contact Us" option there. After tapping it, a contact form will appear where you can enter your contact details. This way you can reach out to our concern team member through app itself.

Easy Sharing

You can easily share all Price Lists with your customers on all sharing apps like Whatsapp, Email, etc.

Manage All Your B2B Tasks
Through The Pressfit App

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