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LX Modular Switch Plates essentially consists of two main components: A Cover Plate and a Base Plate. The accessories like switches and sockets are mounted on the base plate, which in turn is mounted on the surface boxconcealed box which holds the wiring. As the name suggests, the cover plates cover up the internal components and gives it an attractive, aesthetically pleasing look.

Old electrical installations are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get! Pressfit LX plates have extra mounting points, i.e. Screw holes on the base plate, to ensure that your old box does not need to be modified when you upgrade to modular switches.

At the same time wider than all other modular switch plates. This also allows old boxes of unusual sizes to be covered and you don’t have to worry about visible gaps in the wall after you’ve installed or replastered it.

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Compatible with One Switches

lx.3 modular plates

Suitable for Wooden Boxes

lx.1 modular plates

Wide Body Design

lx.2 modular plates

11 Cover Plate Colours

lx.4 modular plates

66 Brilliant Combinations!

lx.5 modular plates

6 Border Base Finishes

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Compatible Even with Old Outdated Boxes

Modular Switch Plates are one of the most critical and ubiquitous components of all home and office spaces today! Modular Switch Plates are used to house and protect electrical accessories such as switches, sockets, and regulators. They serve as protective shields that protect the enclosed wiring from direct contact with foreign bodies.

LX Modular Plates offers a huge range of options ranging from 1 Module to 32 Modules. We have multiple sizes for each module which takes its compatibility to a different level. With each available in various colours and finishes to meet everyone’s tastes. 

Next time you’re redecorating your home and want to uplift your old, boring switch plates, let Pressfit meet your requirements with its wide range of Modular Plates!

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