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Pressfit Multi-core Industrial Cables also offers high abrasion resistance and added tensile strength to work in all conditions and extend life. These cables have more than one core and are specially designed to withstand the high loads conditions of an industrial environment.


Press Fit Multi-Core Industrial Cables are made from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper wires with low conductor resistance. They are available in 2-core, 3-core and 4-core variants. The sheath is coated with a specially formulated PVC mixture to not only make stripping easier, but also to withstand all types of mechanical abrasion during use.



Rodents can be a nuisance; they rip out the wires and cut off all power supplies. However, this is not the case with Pressfit Wires. They are equipped with Anti-Rodent properties to keep the rodents away from the wires and give the wire a longer lifespan.

Fire Retardant Properties

The PVC compounds used to insulate and sheathe Pressfit Industrial Cables. They have a high oxygen and temperature index that limits the spread of fire during fire emergencies.

Superior Insulation

Short circuit is one of the most common causes of electrical failure. They are mainly caused by faulty wiring, poor insulation, overloading or the use of defective electrical accessories. Pressfit multi-core industrial cables are equipped with excellent insulation to prevent electrical blunders from short circuits.

101% Conductivity

Our wires are made using electrolytic grade pure bare copper wire, which awards it high conductivity. This helps reduce power loss along the length of the cable and save money on electrical bills.

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