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Pressfit is a renowned manufacturer of doorbells in India – with a vast range of attractive models and an unparalleled choice of melodies. Being a necessity in every single household, doorbells have been treated by a commodity by many but Pressfit has repeatedly broken the norms with innovative designs and features. 

The primary choice in doorbells is the nature of tunes. Customers have a great variety of doorbell types to choose from:

This is the doorbell preferred by millions – Simple, Effective, and Economical.

A choice of the people who like answering their doors accompanied by pleasant melodies.

For people who like a more personal touch. Vocal bells have a vocal call like Please Open the Door along with a simple melody.

Parrot Bells are traditionally used as alarms – where they keep ringing as long as the bell push is pressed.

Continuity Mantra bell units are very popular among the elderly who prefer a continuous and light playing of religious hymns, like the Gayatri Mantra, in the background.

Industrial Gong bells are used in factories, schools, and other locations which a require a loud and robust alarm system.

Wireless Bells are used in Homes, Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Elderly Homes, and Hotels. As the name suggests, there is no wiring required. These are easy to set up and very convenient to use.

Buzzers are simple alarming devices that produce a buzzing sound. They are used as a signal to draw someone’s attention to perform certain tasks or to indicate the time interval.


Wide Range of Pleasant Tunes

Superior Internal Parts

Long Operational Life

Loud Sound

Attractive Looks

Excellent Sound Clarity

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