A Brief Information On Female Bush Adapter

Female Bush Adapters are a type of conduit fittings that connect PVC Pipes To DB Boxes without the need of flexible pipe. It has screw threadings for tightening or loosening the connected electrical accessories. Hence, a Female bush adapter is a good replacement for a flexible pipe.

They are used to create alterable passageways for laying electrical wirings between the pipes and the DB boxes. Apart from that, they also act as a protective shield for the encased electrical wiring.

Press Fit Female Bush adapters are available in two sizes: 20 & 25 mm. They are provided the necessary rigidity required to give the whole wiring setups a reliable and mutable structural support.

Female Bush Adapter

Here are the salient features that Female Bush Adapters offer:

  • Saves The Hassle Of Using Flexible Pipes

Flexible Conduit Pipes has been traditionally used to create sharp and mutable turns as demanded by distribution box wiring. However, now the female bush adapters offer a much simpler solution that requires no effort or customization for different application needs.

  • Creates Mutable Passageways For Laying Down The Electrical Wiring

Female bush adapters come with screw threads, which makes it easier to alter the wiring setups in a matter of seconds. This flexibility in maintenance increases the efficiency of the wiring process.

  • Provide Superior Protection Against Abrasion

Female bush adapters have a very rigid body which makes them resistant to abrasion due to the external environment.

  • Isolates The Encased Wiring From External Environment

The passageways created by the female bush adapter offers a very isolated arena. The laid wiring within this gets immune to the deteriorating external environment and inherits a longer service life.

  • Provide Structural Support To The Wiring Setup

The female bush adapter keeps the wiring bunched within its body. They are not affected by the external forces that can easily deform the flexible pipe when used instead. Because of their high rigidity, they serve as a structural support for the entire wiring structure.

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