Why Face Shield May Not Be Enough To Protect You From COVID-19

After the Covid-19 pandemic, people were looking for different ways to protect themselves from coronavirus. Some resorted to the use of face masks, others to face shields. But, whether they are effective at protecting you from coronavirus is a question for many.

There are mixed opinions among experts about the effectiveness of prevalent methods of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. However, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of keeping a safe distance in public and washing hands regularly with soaps or alcohol-based disinfectants.

Some experts believe that face masks are ineffective because it causes the users to touch the face regularly due to irritation or adjustments.

For many professions, it is difficult to get the message across clearly while wearing a mask, and this can create negative consequences due to misinterpretation.

To avoid such a situation, some people resorted to the standalone use of face shields as they cover the entire face without causing discomfort like masks.

Face shields are more economical than face masks as masks have a limited shelf life. Face shields are easy to reuse and clean with soaps and water or conventional household disinfectants.

However, Swiss health officials have warned that face shields are no substitute for a face mask after investigating a Covid-19 outbreak at a hotel in the canton of Graubünden. They found that all infected wore face shields, while those who were not infected wore masks.

Many researchers agree that the best way to wear a face shield is to use a mask underneath. They recommend using tight-fitting masks such as N-95 respirators for effective protection.

You can use Press Fit’s EZ face shield along with a face mask for better protection against the coronavirus. 

People often need to remove face masks to communicate with others. In such cases, face shields can serve as additional protection against a possible coronavirus infection.

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