5 Cable Management Tips To Declutter Your Home Wirings

In this fast-paced world of technology, our lives are filled with different gadgets to maintain the lifestyle we desire. But such modern devices bring their power cords with them.

Having a few doesn’t bother people, but slowly these wirings pile up, making their surroundings chaotic and very disorganized.

This article will guide you through the five cable management tips to declutter your house wiring and give your environment a clean look.

#1. Use Cable Ties Wherever Possible

Cable ties are specially devised to tie different wires and cables together. They help to declutter the stacks of different wires and cables and ease the wiring operations.

One side of a cable tie is smooth and the other side is made up of locking teeth. The application involves passing the end of the cable tie through the notch. The cable tie’s teeth are made to slide easily during use, but when we try to open it, the lock gets stuck in the gap between the teeth and won’t open.

#2. Create A Shared Charging Station

We make use of multiple devices all day long. But they don’t come with unlimited power backup; we need to charge them at regular intervals. Each device comes with its power adapter, which ends up increasing the existing spaghettis of wires. You can avoid such situations by creating a charging station within the existing furniture with some DIY tweaks. 

For this, the drawers at your desk are the perfect place to make a charging station. To make it, you will need to create a hole in the drawer to route the extension board. Now you can connect multiple power adapters right in the drawer and charge multiple devices at the same time.

#3. Encase Static Wirings

Casing-Cappings are the old school wire ducting accessories that have been used for decades now. They are available in different sizes and, if done correctly, go unnoticed. You can use it to encase your static wirings which can be altered when needed.

#4. Make Use Of TV Wooden Back Panel

The television area is one of the most common places where we can find loads of cables coming out of the television set and their accessories. Besides, they are mostly installed in the common area and are noticed by everyone who visits your place.

This can leave a negative impression on the visitor. Wooden back panels are specially designed for this purpose. They hide the cables at the back and also give you the space you need to keep all your TV accessories in place.

#5. Group Bundles Of Wires And Cables Together

Tying and untying stacks of wires can be a daunting task for many of us. We can avoid such situations by using flexible tubing. They help you group multiple power cables and wirings without tying them up. They encase them within the tubing, which makes the entire wiring system look organized.

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