The Right Way To Install Rawl Bolt Fastener

Knowing how to apply fasteners is an essential aspect of DIY home improvement. One of the most popular fasteners used in homes is a rawl bolt.

If you are planning to install a rawl bolt fastener on your furniture, it is important to follow the correct installation instructions.

Rawl Bolt Fastener may seem like a household item. This is because you see them in homes very often. However, they are widely used in all industries, including construction. Their primary purpose is to hold objects together to prevent them from moving or falling when subjected to forces attempting to move them, which may be man-made or natural (such as wind or earthquakes).

Marking the location, drilling the hole, and then turning the rawl bolt into a hole is basic. But, how do you install a rawl bolt properly to achieve a quality installation?

Here Are The Simple Steps To Install Rawl Bolt Fasteners

Why would you be installing a rawl bolt with your own hands? The obvious answer is that you want to manage the project better and save as much time and money as possible. But in reality, it’s not that easy. You have to be careful to ensure that the rawl bolt comes out well from the beginning.

There are no right ways to install a rawl bolt, but there are wrong ways. In this guide, I will teach you the best rawl bolt installation method step-by-step. This method is powerful, fast, and simple. 

Follow along and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. So, now you know how to install a Rawl bolt properly. If you want to learn more about rawl bolts do check out our product page.

Step-by-step installation guide for rawl bolt fasteners:

  1. The first step in installing a rawl bolt is to mark the area where you want to install it. Use a hammer drill to drill a hole with the specified embedment depth and size.
  2. The hole drilled needs to be slightly larger than the size of the fastener. This way you have sufficient space to properly tighten the rawl bolt and get the best clamping strength.
  3. Remove dust and debris created while drilling as this will clog the passage and make the bolt to slip.
  4. Tighten the rawl bolt to the point it covers the internal threads, otherwise, it can get damaged during insertion. Now insert the rawl bolt into the hole. You can tap the rawl bolt with a hammer to properly insert it.
  5. Loosen the rawl bolt and place the object to be mounted on the application surface. Then tighten the rawl bolt sufficiently to achieve the best possible clamping strength.

By following the above process you will install rawl bolts in a professional and efficient manner.

What kind of problems did you face during installation? Do share them with us [email protected].

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