Switch Sockets: The Top Warning Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

According to a study, electrical fires are responsible for 40,000 deaths a year and $1.3 billion in insured losses. Identifying electrical problems early can save you from being a statistic in such studies.

In today’s modern household, we have an assembly of gadgets in our homes and offices. To avail the best of services and performance of such devices, your sockets need to be efficient.

Here are some signs that could indicate you upgrade your power socket.

1. Connecting Devices Cause Overheating

If you notice your power outlet or plug overheating, then do not think twice and immediately contact an electrician to prevent significant damage.

A good electrical switch panel never gets hot or hot, no matter how many outlets it supports. If any of the outlets or switches in your home are hot to the touch, the circuit is overloaded.

When fitting our modern appliances, most of us neglect to check the electrical requirement and overload it can cause on our existing power sockets.

2. Your Light Flickers

Most flickering is caused by an old, faulty, or incompatible wall switch or bulbs that are loose or of poor quality.

If your light bulb constantly flickers when it is switched on, then it could be a sign that you have a faulty light switch. This can be dangerous and even cause your light switch to overheat and go on fire.

There’s a good chance that your lighting issues can be addressed by simply upgrading your switch and sockets.

3. Produces Weird Smell

Generally, such a smell is caused by the arcing, which is a small spark jumping around the back of your socket and is usually caused by damaged or loose wires. It is an early indicator of a serious electrical problem that could lead to a fire.

That is why it is important to have your electrical system professionally inspected when you notice a fishy, urine-like, or burnt plastic smell near any outlets or electrical devices.

4. Plugs and Devices Get Stuck

It is advised to use branded sockets in your house instead of local plugs as they can make you worried and get stuck.

Due to manufacturing motives of less cost, sometimes cheap brands make faulty switches and plugs. There are also chances of fire and electrocution due to faulty switches, don’t put your family’s safety at risk while saving some bucks.

In case you have installed cheap quality switches and sockets in your house, consider replacing them right away.

5. Circuit Breaker Trips Often

An overloaded switchboard that has exceeded its capacity is the primary cause of circuit breaker tripping. If you frequently trip a circuit breaker or fuse, you may be in dire need of a larger panel.

Sloppy wiring of an old switch can also cause a breaker to trip when turned off with even the slightest movement. Because a loose contact leads to an earth fault or short circuit and repeated switch trips.

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