Slotted Panel Trunking

Press Fit presents to you its range of slotted panel trunking, meant for a simple, clean, and organized installation of panel wiring. Press Fit’s Slotted Panel Trunking is used for supporting and organizing bundles of wires/cables in control panels, distribution boards, switchgear, network racks, etc. Commonly known as PVC Channel, the primary application is to provide a secure and organized channel for the wiring. Press Fit’s Panel Trunking is made of rigid, self-extinguishing PVC which ensures security under harsh conditions. With a huge range of sizes, our Trunking can be used for all types of small to large wires and cables.


Restricted Slot Design

The wire slots are tapered at the ends to keep wires from spilling out

Non-Slip Click-On Cover

Once installed, the cover doesn’t slip off, even when placed vertically

Thermally Resistant

Doesn’t get affected by high temperatures

Made using Rigid, Self-Extinguishing PVC

Keeps fire from spreading and prevents severe damage


  • Power Panels
  • LAN Cabling Setups in Data Centres and Offices
  • Control Panels and Cabinets in Machinery
  • Setups requiring organized wiring with appropriate redirections


The separate cover and base enable cables to be laid easily with the lid being fitted to complete and secure the installation. The slots are used to organize and direct wires out of the trunking at desired lengths. The individual breakout sticks can be easily removed to enable larger cables to be accommodated or to allow joints to be made between two trunking sections.