Things To Consider Before Buying Modular Switches

In the past, non-modular switches were found in every home or commercial premise. But today people prefer to buy modular switches, and there are many reasons behind this overwhelming paradigm shift in customer’s choices. The main difference that can be seen at a glance is that screws are not visible in the modular switches that make them look elegant and classy.

However, before installing modular switches, there are a few things to consider in order to select the right modular switch that will suit your application needs.

1. Easy To Replace & Maintain

Often, the modular switch plates you purchase are only compatible with the same brand. Because of this, the only option left is to use the same brand for future repairs and maintenance.

In case the brand no longer manufactures the specified switch range, you will have to revamp the entire switch installation. You can even experience that the brand is difficult to find in your area. Such situations make maintenance and repair work a daunting and expensive task.

To avoid such situations, it is always advisable to buy modular switches that are also compatible with other brands.

2. Have Better Locking Mechanism

When you bring home any new appliance, you may have encountered that the socket does not perfectly go with the plug connected to the device. In the hurry to anyhow test the newly bought appliance, using adequate force you adhere the plug with the socket and the device starts functioning.

The problem arises when you have to unplug the device from the socket. But this time with an adequate force, the socket comes out along with the plug top. Such situations can be risky as the electrical wirings get exposed. 

To avoid this, you have to make sure that the socket you use has a better locking mechanism and will always adhere to the switch plates in any situation.

3. Produce Less Noise & Need Less Effort To Click

Soft switches can be easily turned on and off by people of all ages. A hard switch often makes a clicking noise, which can be annoying, while the click of a soft switch is easy on the ears.

4. Need To Be Sturdy

You should always check the robustness of the switch plates by bending them. Because a low-quality switch plate wobbles when you plug and unplug a device. The body of the switch plates should not break with little force and should remain rigid.

As a quick hack, buy ISI-marked switch plates as they often have better quality than non-ISI-marked ones. The sturdiness of the switch plates matters the most when choosing larger switch plates.

5. Prefer White Color Over Others

Obtaining the right colored switch accessories can be difficult while performing repair and maintenance work.

If you fail to find the right colored switch, you are left with two options: either to completely revamp your existing switch installation or to obstruct the color combination with your interior.

The solution to this is to prefer buying white-colored switches, as they go along with any interior space and are easy to find in any local electrical store.

6. Check The Current Rating

For different applications, there are different current-rated switch accessories. They are devised to meet specific purposes and if not followed, it can result in faulty electrical wiring installations.

For example; 6A / 10A switch accessories are used for lights and fans. Similarly, 16A / 20A is used for heavier lights, medium power devices like TVs, coolers, and 25A / 32A for heavy devices like geysers, air conditioners, etc.

7. Have Adequate Safety Features

Below are some safety precautions to consider before purchasing modular switch accessories. When choosing 16A power outlets for heavy equipment, it is better to install porcelain-backed outlets, as they are more durable than plastic-backed outlets.

If you have children in your house, give preference to shuttered-sockets, as kids are unaware of the consequences of having direct contact with the metal part. Having a shutter in place prevents you from even accidentally touching the metal part of the socket. However, make sure you are able to plug-in a two-pin charger without having to pull up the latch. It is more riskier to have faulty shutters than not to have them.

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